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We are going digital!


We are still on target to release the first digital products for you. They will be released in September or early October 2015.

The interactive tools we give you, makes teaching reading easy, fun and satisfying for learner and teacher. You will love them. Your student will love them. Guaranteed!

Available products will include:

1.The Interactive PDF version of You Can Teach Someone to Read, 2nd Edition and The Companion Workbook, a complete digital reading program for PC and Mac Computers.

2. The Companion Workbook, an interactive PDF version for PC and Mac Computers, a collection of interactive and printable teaching tools, activities and resources to use with the print version of You Can Teach Someone to Read, 2nd Edition.

3. The print version of You Can Teach Someone to Read, 2nd Edition: A How to Book for Friends, Parents, and Teachers: Step-by-Step Detailed Directions and Resources to Provide Any Reader the Necessary Tools to Easily Teach Someone to Read.



Development continues on The Companion Workbook. What is it? How will it work?

What it is: It is a collection of tools and materials to be used with most computer operating systems. Specific lessons in the print version of You Can Teach Someone to Read, 2nd Edition are now interactively linked to tools and activities.

How it works: Whenever I give you a direction in You Can Teach Someone to Read, 2nd Edition (print or E-book) for preparing a lesson, you will now have an access link to tools and materials for your immediate use. For instance, the "Silly Stories" used to teach phonic sounds and rules, are read aloud. Some are animated, and many are printable with story and illustration for you to use to involve your student. Sight word flash cards can be printed using the words you know your student needs to practice -- use them in suggested games. Charts will be printable for students to write upon during discovery lessons, and then use again for follow-up lessons. Less preparation time is required of you.

Have questions? Go to the "Contact Me" tab and write to me. I'll respond.


Teach Reading to a Child, Teen or Adult

A How-To Book for Friends, Parents and Teachers

Step-by-Step Detailed Directions to Provide Any Reader the Necessary Tools to Easily Teach Someone to Read

A superb contribution to the field of literacy. This latest edition, still amazingly practical in its approach to literacy, will serve as an essential resource for anyone helping a student become a lifelong reader - Dr. Stephan Sargent, Professor of Reading Methods at Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

This book provides parents and teachers with a systematic approach to teaching children to read that truly works. Not only do the children learn to read, they also enjoy the process and become lifelong readers. This is a book every parent should own to help their children learn or become better readers. - Jill Kessler, Head of School, Pardes Jewish School, Phoenix, AZ

This program is very effective with ELL (English Language Learners) students. They are immediately drawn to the lessons because they are instructed at their level and move at their pace. A strength of this program is that after the initial assessment the instructor can address the learner's specific needs with the appropriate sections from the book. The Silly Stories combined with the games engage even the most reluctant learners. - Andrea Dunne, 3rd grade ELL teacher, Holmes Elementary School, Mesa, AZ

This clearly-written, user-friendly guidebook provides any reader with a day-by day plan to teach phonics and reading comprehension to any student. .... each user can go at his own pace, but the sequential presentation of the lessons assure that the user will always know what to do next. .... This book cuts through all those accessories (games, songs, "programs") and provides a systematic blueprint that can be expanded on for all students, using all learning styles. With this book, you can teach your child, or any student , to read independently and confidently. - Education Clearinghouse

You Can Teach Someone to Read by Lorraine Peoples may be the simplest and least expensive way to teach a child to read. - The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, author, Debra Bell

... a person does not have to have a teaching background in order to execute what is being taught, making it a wonderful resource for anyone with the motivation to teach someone to read. - Today's Librarian

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